The BPM Festival 2015: Complete Schedule Released

In addition to this week’s traditional holiday joy, we also have a warm fuzzy feeling inside from the release of The BPM Festival’s complete 2015 event schedule.  As usual, our expectations have been exceeded, and we eagerly await the festivities to begin. The BPM Festival 2015January 9 – 18, 2015Playa del Carmen, Mexico#BPM2015   The BPM Festival announces the complete day and night events schedule for its 2015 edition in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Now in its eighth year, The BPM Festival 2015 features its most impressive line-up of underground dance music artists and record labels to date, with over 350 artists and 80 parties spanning ten days from January 9-18, 2015. Select single events tickets are available at Once online sales close, you can still get BPM Festival passes & tickets at the BPM Box Office. The BPM Box Office operates daily for day time will call / ticket sales from 12pm-6pm January 2-9, 2015 located at The BPM Festival Store, Calle 28 and The Beach / 10am-9pm, January 9-18 located in Mamitas Parking, Call 28 & The Beach. Night time will call is open daily from 10pm-5am at Calle 12th and The Beach.  #tripwithus

The BPM Festival 2014: Location, Location, Location

With the sound of a successful Jambox pairing overpowering a backdrop of crashing waves, the first weekend of January 2014 officially rolled in. The Techno Tourist team joyfully spread our custom-made party-packs over the apartment to the soundtrack of the New Year, a new Dino set. We jammed while organizing the t-shirts, toothbrushes, stickers, and snacks among other important necessities: earplugs, beach balls, snacks and of course…beer. These gifts greet our customers upon arrival to their accommodation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. To parallel the success and growth of The BPM Festival, our business has expanded to include a record-number of travelling techno tourists.  Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, BPM is also where Techno Tourist was conceived in 2011.  As we prepared to meet our first wave of guests, we mused over the three things that make The BPM Festival one of our favorite parties of the year. After much philosophical debate, it was decided that the awesomeness of the festival boils down to the following related, yet distinct ideas: location, location, and …location. Location: The Setting As professional travelers, connoisseurs of fine music and food, and lovers of art and architecture, we set our standards high. We are keen on detail and love when the vibe of the party is something that dances its way to you. Our first theme, […]

The Techno Tourist Trips To: The Pacific Northwest – dBx

There are certain enduring desires that act upon Techno Tourists, constantly influencing them, shaping their path, and ultimately determining their position, direction and momentum. These desires are innate and timeless; they manifest themselves as the constant drive for exploration, adventure and good times. We are Techno Tourists; it defines us. We are adventurers of the modern world, driven by the eternal spirit of exploration. And so we explore. America is a huge place. So huge, that until a couple of months ago even the seemingly familiar Pacific Northwest of the US was uncharted party territory –some virgin clubbing terra nova within our own country still untouched and awaiting our TT footprints. For the last several years we had kept a spyglass eye on Decibel Festival in Seattle, and after hearing about “The Slow Boat” in late 2011, the festival was promptly added to our “Must-Conquer-ASAP” list. As history would have it, less than two years later -as if led by the divine guidance of the gods of music- Decibel Festival extended an invitation to The Techno Tourist to become travel partners for their 10-year anniversary. Deal. Any seasoned adventurer will tell you that the key to exploration success lies in proper provision and planning. And yet, for all our tedious preparation, there remains the undeniable fact that every single time, something will […]

The Totalitarian Democratic Utopia of The KaZantip Republic

We recently left the familiar sights of New York for a week-long adventure to Eastern Europe. This trip was long overdue and left the notorious path-less-traveled as one of our most exciting, eye opening, and inspiring trips to date. Our first stop was Istanbul, Turkey: where east meets west. We turned a mandatory layover into a weekend of culture, food, and partying…on a boat (courtesy of follow).  As we carelessly drifted on the Bosphorus somewhere between Europe and Asia, we reflected on our first trip to Istanbul less than a year ago.Not surprisingly, that trip also turned into a jams-filled, flaming-shot guzzling escapade of epicness (read about it here: Lest you haven’t read our previous article, we warmly recommend adding Istanbul to any Techno Tourist’s itinerary. Our 48 hours in the city turned into a party never-land, with excellent back-up assistance from the wonderful rooms at the W Istanbul. Like all great things in life, the city left us thirsting for more—more apple tea, more Turkish coffee, more Turkish baths, more Turkish delights…really, more of everything Turkish. But time flies in the center of the world. Before we knew it, we were back at Ataturk Airport for the continuation of our adventure. After a decade of waiting, we were finally off to the KaZantip Republic. Upon our arrival into the blazing […]

The Techno Tourist trips to: The Cityfox Experience: Monkey Business

The club scene in New York City has evolved significantly over the past decade.  Most of what once was, no longer is. But, what has been reincarnated and reinvented in a unique (and might we say quite awesome and unexpected) fashion has put NYC back on any serious Techno Tourist’s map and/or wish list. In the past decade NYC experienced a political push that relegated most nightlife out of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs.  In retrospect, this may have been the best decision for the subsequent development of our scene.  Walking through Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon could be somewhat likened to a stroll (or more like, stagger) through Berlin.  Although NYC isn’t quite there yet, anyone who has visited to the German capital will tell you stories of the party that innocently started on Thursday and mistakenly ended sometime on Monday.  Quality events like The Cityfox Experience: Monkey Business at Output remind us that New York has come a long way in the past few years. NYC is experiencing a resurgence of electronic music that puts it back on the top of the charts with London and Berlin. The diverse, quality events, occurring throughout the week and through every weekend, give a boost of excitement to the experienced clubbers of days past, and a friendly hint to everyone else to […]