Music – Travel – Food – Art – Architecture

Great Music makes a Techno Tourist. We travel, we dance, we cheer, we close our eyes and invite the beat, the melody, and the basslines to represent everything that we are. It connects us together.

We walk, fly, skip, swim, hold hands, cab-it, tube-it—Travel… We go together. A Techno Tourist always finds the best parties. You can find us in an airplane hangar in Ibiza, on a rooftop in Playa del Carmen, at a beach club in Barcelona, on a boat hugging the Miami coast. We’re under the railroad tracks in London, under the ground in Williamsburg, climbing high to a penthouse in Amsterdam …groovin’ under the full moon in Thailand…

A Techno Tourist’s music-studded journeys taste of local cuisine. The Food we choose sizzles on the street and steams from the sides of a silver platter. Servers uncover exclusive masterpieces of gastronomy while local chefs hover in our privately inventive kitchens.

Everything we’re surrounded by is Art. We see it dancing in the clubs and hanging on the walls of our apartments and hotels. A Techno Tourist wears it and shares it. We feel it and we deal it.

We walk through it—Architecture. The Techno Tourist takes the time for fine lines. Our properties are shaped by design. Everything is in view: a medieval fortress, a restructured power plant, the Fontainebleau. Each city wears history, plays in the now, and experiments with the future. Ancient to modern, recycled to sojourn.


Join The Techno Tourist today.

Revel in the food. Wonder at the architecture. Listen to the music.

– Revolutionize Luxury Travel –