Akbal Around the World

TT has been blessed by the angels of sound-waves having danced to Akbal Music near the playful waves of Playa del Carmen, hidden near the bank of the Thames, and heading to the beaches of Barcelona. Mexican label, Akbal Music, will bring organic Riviera Mayan flavor to this year’s Sónar festival, this Wednesday at Parc del Forum. Should you attend? 100% From their humble beginnings in 2006, Akbal Music budded its way from the ears of a few, to ‘favorited’ hearts of the many. Spanning the soundcloud and beatport playlists of thousands, their deep house music presents itself for all to enjoy. To miss out, would be to self-inflict a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out)… From January’s BPM festival 6-year anniversary party, to March’s London Akbal Showcase in Vauxhall, to Barcelona’s upcoming 12 hours of non-stop music, TT has been watching Akbal Music kill it all year. And, this momentum shows no sign for stopping. Robbie and his crew represent the finest of the Mexican music scene and everything that epitomizes up-to-date, relevant international artists in the electronic industry. For more from the Shaman of the Yucatán. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/robbie_akbal To book your trip to Sónar (or any other upcoming music festival this summer) with the best accommodation possible, contact: info@thetechnotourist.net

Saturday Fabric with Retrofit

On March 23rd The Techno Tourist took a trip to one of London’s most famous nightclubs, Fabric, to see Jay Shepheard live, Mark Pavitt and Matthew Burton pump up Room Three. Fabric, a massive raw-feeling space equipped with three separate rooms, a vibrating floor, and multiple levels of dance space framed in classic brick railway arches, always puts revelers in the mood to throw down. We were not surprised to find our party tucked in the smallest room because there seems to be an inverse relationship between the size of space and the number of deeply dedicated music enthusiasts, regardless of the venue. Quality music, quality fans; That’s just how we like it. The best part about Room Three is the different levels of balcony dance space, which clubbers cover and climb as they are highlighted in pink and blue hues of light while the music gets more and more intense. The DJ booths are located on two opposite sides of the main dance floor, which produces an exciting shift in crowd dynamic as the DJs change, especially for those who successfully battled their way to the front and then find themselves right back where they started. When this happens, it definitely opens up the pathway to the bar—which again, makes for a good party. By 2:30am things were really rocking, with […]

TT’s Newest Partner -Decibel Festival- Artist Announcements

The Techno Tourist is pleased to announce its recently awarded title as an official travel partner of the Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media (official press release here). The event, both a premier Seattle institution since 2003 and a world-recognized leader in the spectrum of music and art production, will celebrate its 10th anniversary, September 25th-29th 2013. Today, Decibel Festival announced the first wave of confirmed artists in their most recent press release. More updates will come throughout the summer months, including details about their conference program. Contact us today for more information about booking your trip to Decibel Festival. We can accomodate the range of travel wishes, complete with bespoke itinerary, luxury accommodation, and customized concierge services. info@thetechnotourist.net

3 of TT’s top BPM Parties- 1:3

Rooftop Delight Digital Delight Showcase with Puente & Rosch, Damian Uzabiaga, Diego Moreno, Jesse Perez (7 Jan, 2013) Few parties have been more anticipated by the Techno Tourist than the Digital Delight showcase on the rooftop of La Santenera. With a rock the spot line-up of Puente & Rosch, Diego Moreno, Damian Uzabiaga, and Jesse Perez (further augmented by Tboy and Corey Baker) the stage was set for the Barcelona crew to do what they do best—raise the roof and bring down the house. …Because their aint no party like DD’s gangsta house parties! For those of you unfamiliar with the sound of Digital Delight, we feel obliged to inform you that you are missing the fuck out! In a scene that has seen wave after wave of musical lethargy and sell-outs, these guys are charging and carving to the top. They are dedicated to innovation and development and I mean…you’re doing something right when you’ve invented your own genre. These guys truly love music and for that we truly love them. Techno Tourist personal favorites: https://soundcloud.com/lasantanerapodcast/la-santanera-podcast-01-mixed#play https://soundcloud.com/sishi-rosch/puente-rosch-ice-baby-edit-off The DD showcase was one of those glorious nights where the entire crowd was utterly hypnotized and completely remote-controlled from the DJ booth. In fact, 99.9 percent of the crowd was absorbed in the waves of flowing awesomeness emanating from the sound system (except […]

3 of TT’s Top BPM Parties- 2:3

Beachfox Beats City Fox Showcase with Lee Jones, Mark Henning, Atish, Hoj, Dory, Mike Khoury Hosted By Listed (7 Jan, 2013) We were already excited the moment we heard that the remarkably awesome people of Listed Production (San Francisco) were teaming up with the talented Cityfox (Zurich) pack and throwing a beach party at BPM this year. The line-up only served to further fuel our expectations, with Mark Henning and Lee Jones from Cityfox, and Hoj, Dory, Mike Khoury and Atish from Listed. We were puestísimos–more than ready. Anyone familiar with the Robot Heart crew will instantly recognize several of these artists as authors of the continuous stream of wicked sets raining out of their Soundcloud account. And should you still be unaware, we just handed you the hint of the century for where to soak yourself with hours of musical ecstasy. Both the Listed and Cityfox crews spin the exact music we love. And to our delight the jams arrangement of the day perfectly matched the weather: Full of heat with a temperate touch of cool charged breeze. This kept the party flowing with a smooth and groovy summertime energy that pulsated with the vibe of good times (in January mind you). Viva Mexico! Day parties at BPM are poca madre. Roll out of bed… aka carry on from the night […]