The BPM Festival Portugal – 2017 Preview

Techno Tourists who have been following us for years may remember our 2014 BPM review – aptly titled “Location, Location, Location”. If you’re a new reader, or simply need a refresh – the review can be found here. Although those words were written over three years ago, specifically about The BPM Festival in Playa, our expectation is that the same themes will be successfully extrapolated across the Atlantic, and create an unforgettable experience for attendees of The BPM Festival Portugal.

Instead of burying our feet in the sand of the Yucatan Peninsula, as we dance from sunset to sunrise, the beaches we frolic on will be those of the Iberian Peninsula. Learning about Mayan history and the Mayan culture while attending The BPM Festival in Playa over the years has been fascinating, but there’s absolutely no shortage of equally alluring history to consume, or sites of historical importance to visit in the Algarve region of Portugal. The land surrounding the festival location of The BPM Festival Portugal was once part of the Roman Empire, a hotbed for the launch of various naval expeditions over centuries and even holds some of the secrets of the Knights Templar.

Revisiting the themes of our 2014 review, and how they should flawlessly transfer to The BPM Festival 2017, in Portimao and Lagoa in Portugal.

Location: The Setting

The overall theme of the festival – being held across multiple venues, in an urban setting, will go untouched. Like Playa, the towns of Portimao and Lagoa are geographically located at a distance from major cities which allow them to preserve their local charm, while still being easily accessible to festival attendees. Our previous travels to Southern Portugal have been delightful from a culinary aspect, and it’s the only place that we’ve ever visited where bottled water actually costs more than a bottle of wine.

Location: The Stages

A major benefit of an urban festival is – the ability to generate a variety of different experiences for revelers, in a number of venues, which provide an excellent blank slate for the festival to build on top of and personalize. Being located on a flawless body of water, with beautiful beaches, only enhances the possibilities of what can be achieved. A quick social media search for venues like Oceans Club, No Solo Agua and Blanco Beach, provides BPM attendees a preview of the spaces where we’ll spend our days, nights and sometimes days (again) before retreating for a quick rave nap, just to do it all over again.


Location: Your Stay

One characteristic of Playa, which makes it an ideal location for BPM, is the unusually large amount of foreign investment money entering the town and surrounding areas. Over time, this process creates a self-reinforcing cycle, which leads to a build up of luxury rental properties (apartments and villas), beautiful boutique hotels and a local infrastructure capable of hosting events like BPM (cabs, power, water, roads and venues). Like Playa, Portimao and the surrounding region is packed with a wide variety of luxury apartments and villas, as well as unique boutique hotels that appeal to all types of travelers.

What Does All This Mean?

The overall BPM experience that we’ve been privy to is not something that can be easily created successfully anywhere in the world. With no shortage of pristine beaches dotting the globe, a variety of other factors must be taken into consideration when determining the ideal location to host BPM – in a fashion that will guarantee everyone leaves with an unforgettable experience, smile on their face and endless tales of debauchery. The incredible lineup and showcases, which are cornerstones of BPM, will be transferred across the Atlantic to ensure that the same underground vibe is produced. Familiar faces from years past will unite twice in 2017, what could be better? Portimao and Lagoa, Portugal, are nothing short of the perfect locations to continue the party, and no one is complaining about receiving an extra passport stamp this year!