The BPM Festival 2017 – Nearly A Decade of Delight

January 2008 – For most, this month does not result in the recollection of fond memories. The 21st marked Black Monday in global stock markets, kicking off a year that would rather be completely forgotten by the majority of individuals globally. Fortunately though, that January also signaled the beginning of something that continues to deliver positive sentimental experiences for a then small, but ever-expanding group of auspicious partygoers also extending to every corner of the planet. Initially a small industry event, spanning from January 5th – 12th, 2008, The BPM Festival has matured in size and scope with each installment, and is widely regarded as the preeminent electronic music festival in existence.

As BPM veterans since 2011, we have seen the transformation of Playa from a quaint seaside town, to the most unique festival setting we’ve experienced, for six consecutive years. As we have thoroughly covered in our previous reviews, BPM does an exceptional job of preserving the town’s charm, while managing to nestle in the best day, night, beach and jungle parties we’ve ever seen or experienced. Just a stone’s throw away from some of Mexico’s most spectacular ruins and centoes, and literally steps away from some of the most delicious Mexican cuisine to tickle our taste buds, BPM has it all and more.

Over the years, elements of the festival have come and gone, keeping the experience fresh and new for all who attend. What hasn’t diminished though, is the infectious vibe that keeps us all on the dance floor, beach or rooftop for hours on end. Those who are less seasoned in the fine art of marathon partying may look at you funny when you tell them that you’re going to a festival for 10 days straight, but as for us – we wouldn’t have or want it any other way.

Back for it’s 10th installment in 2017, BPM has become a cornerstone of many Techno Tourist’s yearly circuit. The festival’s reputation for exceptional programming has not gone unnoticed, and at this point many revelers begin to plan their journey long before any hint of a lineup is whispered. To those who are regulars, the question “Are you going to BPM?” isn’t even asked within circles of friends, more often the question posed is “When do you get down to Mexico?”.

Last year’s installment of BPM introduced us to The Jungle, a massive complex hosting festivities in a setting representative of a more traditional festival space, conveniently located just outside the town center. This year’s Ya’ah Muul (The Jungle) will feature a second stage, sponsored by Warung. The 10th Anniversary of BPM will be commemorated by the long awaited release of The BPM Festival Official Documentary: Dancing In Paradise. The full-length documentary film will be an excellent addition to post BPM withdraws, and will help to further educate partygoers globally on the history and rise of BPM over the years.

We are looking forward to seeing what new treats BPM has in store for us in 2017, and look forward to seeing old and new faces on the warm sand of Playa’s beautiful beaches, and in the dimly lit shadows of nightclubs/venues scattered throughout the area.

#tripwithus to Playa del Carmen, Mexico – January 6-15, 2017 for The BPM Festival’s 10th Anniversary