BPM 2016 Preview: Trip With Us To The Mayan Riviera

The holidays have passed, New Years is just a (pretty blurry) memory and everyone is FOMOing about BPM. Just another January in the life of The Techno Tourist. As BPM connoisseurs, our experience shows that arriving in Mexico a bit before our customers to evaluate any changes from the previous year is a must. So, after a few beers at Club De La Cerveca (well, maybe more than a few), a stroll down 5th and some foraging into the lesser known parts of Playa, we can confidently conclude that this year’s BPM is going to be the first “do not miss” event of 2016.

With the advent of EDM and corporatization of electronic music, the scene that all of us lifers know and love has undergone dramatic change, on a macro level, over the course of the preceding years. Mergers, acquisitions and corporate takeovers have all been foreign terms to the club scene until of late. Subsequent pieces, which we will be publishing in the coming months, will further explore this phenomenon and the impact that it has had on our clubland, but for the time being, the focus is on BPM.

Our goal at The Techno Tourist is to work with, and partner with, festivals and events, which we deem to be sustainable for the long term, and which introduce new elements of intrigue and mystique along the way. An ongoing strategic analysis of the festival environment during our tenure, has constantly resulted in The BPM Festival topping our list of prime candidates which have created a sustainable business model which will last for years to come. At the same time, the festival has established the perfect balance of returning substantial value to their festivalgoers, while managing to keep prices in check for the experience provided. To someone who hasn’t graduated with a degree in finance or economics, this may make your head spin, but in layman’s terms: BPM rocks in every single way.

We touched on these general concepts in BPM: Every Techno Tourist’s January Sanctuary, but the formalization of BPM 2016 has further cemented the idea that BPM is here for the long haul. As exhibited by their incursion on the areas surrounding Playa in 2016, BPM means business, and their goal is to provide the best festivalgoer experience up and down the Yucatan Peninsula, not just within the confines of the original urban festival grounds. The exclusion of Mamita’s this year already seems to be a positive from our on the ground intelligence gathering. Word on the street (the literal streets of Playa) is that their “festival” aka: DJ Fest was a more like DJ Flop, and partygoers are eager to experience a professionally engineered festival atmosphere, better known as The BPM Festival. We look forward to seeing all of you Techno Tourists in Playa any day now, and are confident that BPM 2016 will be your most memorable BPM ever.