The Techno Tourist trips to: The Cityfox Experience: Monkey Business

cityfox output

The club scene in New York City has evolved significantly over the past decade.  Most of what once was, no longer is. But, what has been reincarnated and reinvented in a unique (and might we say quite awesome and unexpected) fashion has put NYC back on any serious Techno Tourist’s map and/or wish list.

In the past decade NYC experienced a political push that relegated most nightlife out of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs.  In retrospect, this may have been the best decision for the subsequent development of our scene.  Walking through Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon could be somewhat likened to a stroll (or more like, stagger) through Berlin.  Although NYC isn’t quite there yet, anyone who has visited to the German capital will tell you stories of the party that innocently started on Thursday and mistakenly ended sometime on Monday.  Quality events like The Cityfox Experience: Monkey Business at Output remind us that New York has come a long way in the past few years. NYC is experiencing a resurgence of electronic music that puts it back on the top of the charts with London and Berlin. The diverse, quality events, occurring throughout the week and through every weekend, give a boost of excitement to the experienced clubbers of days past, and a friendly hint to everyone else to saddle up—It’s starting to go down.

And on July 13th, it went down for 16+ hours. The talented Cityfox crew from Zurich teamed up with our consistently detail-oriented friends from Listed Productions (San Francisco) to bring together gloriously indulgent Monkey Business shenanigans. Mixing a label who describes their sound as “always danceable, psychedelic and fresh” with a production team dedicated to creating the best overall embodied experience of any event, is always a recipe for success.

These two have teamed up before to bring us the first Cityfox Experience in New York last November (recall the two-story art gallery in SoHo converted into an immersive audio-visual and art experience) .  While we were certain the team would deliver another wet dream IRL (in real life), nothing could prepare us for their transformation of the entirety of Output, The Panther Room, the Rooftop and Stilton House. The specialized environment, designed and constructed by Dario Desiena and the Cityfox Art team, facilitated an unforgettable party with an incredible vibe.

Leave it to Listed to start us off with a nice dose of an Atish set, sexy and smooth: A perfect electronic serenade to an afternoon of chilled rooftop drinking. Next on, Adriatique brought up the volume and energy to nudge us into what would be over a day -straight- of music emanating from the so-coveted Funktion-One sound system. And, in typical Listed fashion, no detail in the 16+ hours was spared.

The entire space was refitted to amazing use, creating an urban jungle atop an artificial turf dancefloor, surrounded by crawling vines, with no less than 100 monkeys hanging from the ceiling. The neon, tribal graffiti LED black-lit walls shrouded dancers in a playful world where Monkey Business of all nature was welcome under the piercing laser gaze of the 20-foot gorilla.

Opening the door of the venue to every Listed party is like opening a Christmas present from your favorite relative…every single time.  You don’t always know what you are going to find, but you know that it will get everyone wet (okay, definitely referencing the Super Soaker…)(anyone?!). With over 15 artists creating the musical landscape of this all-encompassing sensory experience, this event was definitely not something to miss. As day slipped into night we were left professing our newfound, rekindled love for the city, each other, and just life in general. Thank you Cityfox, Listed, and Output for helping to put our home city back on the map for quality electronic music events!