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TT has been blessed by the angels of sound-waves having danced to Akbal Music near the playful waves of Playa del Carmen, hidden near the bank of the Thames, and heading to the beaches of Barcelona. Mexican label, Akbal Music, will bring organic Riviera Mayan flavor to this year’s Sónar festival, this Wednesday at Parc del Forum.

Should you attend? 100%

From their humble beginnings in 2006, Akbal Music budded its way from the ears of a few, to ‘favorited’ hearts of the many. Spanning the soundcloud and beatport playlists of thousands, their deep house music presents itself for all to enjoy. To miss out, would be to self-inflict a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out)…

From January’s BPM festival 6-year anniversary party, to March’s London Akbal Showcase in Vauxhall, to Barcelona’s upcoming 12 hours of non-stop music, TT has been watching Akbal Music kill it all year. And, this momentum shows no sign for stopping. Robbie and his crew represent the finest of the Mexican music scene and everything that epitomizes up-to-date, relevant international artists in the electronic industry.

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For more from the Shaman of the Yucatán. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/robbie_akbal

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