Saturday Fabric with Retrofit


On March 23rd The Techno Tourist took a trip to one of London’s most famous nightclubs, Fabric, to see Jay Shepheard live, Mark Pavitt and Matthew Burton pump up Room Three.

Fabric, a massive raw-feeling space equipped with three separate rooms, a vibrating floor, and multiple levels of dance space framed in classic brick railway arches, always puts revelers in the mood to throw down. We were not surprised to find our party tucked in the smallest room because there seems to be an inverse relationship between the size of space and the number of deeply dedicated music enthusiasts, regardless of the venue. Quality music, quality fans; That’s just how we like it.

The best part about Room Three is the different levels of balcony dance space, which clubbers cover and climb as they are highlighted in pink and blue hues of light while the music gets more and more intense. The DJ booths are located on two opposite sides of the main dance floor, which produces an exciting shift in crowd dynamic as the DJs change, especially for those who successfully battled their way to the front and then find themselves right back where they started. When this happens, it definitely opens up the pathway to the bar—which again, makes for a good party.

By 2:30am things were really rocking, with clubbers hanging on every crevice and ledge available. Jay Shepeard’s set had a great soul funk undertone and Matthew Burton followed up by spinning vinyl records (we were magically in the front by this time, so we could see).

When interviewed for Fabric’s blog about the upcoming party Jay Shepeard talked about expecting a varied line-up between the three artists, which is definitely what they delivered. We particularly enjoyed Matthew Burton’s debut set—raw, “stripped,” and perfectly fitting for the atmosphere of the night.

Check out more music from this line-up via Soundcloud:

Jay Shepheard

Matthew Burton

Mark Pavitt

And, for your listening please (not from Fabric unfortunately)(but still awesome!)

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