3 of TT’s top BPM Parties- 1:3

Rooftop Delight

Digital Delight Showcase with Puente & Rosch, Damian Uzabiaga, Diego Moreno, Jesse Perez (7 Jan, 2013)

Photo credit: Scott Kowalchyk for TheBPMFestival.com

Few parties have been more anticipated by the Techno Tourist than the Digital Delight showcase on the rooftop of La Santenera. With a rock the spot line-up of Puente & Rosch, Diego Moreno, Damian Uzabiaga, and Jesse Perez (further augmented by Tboy and Corey Baker) the stage was set for the Barcelona crew to do what they do best—raise the roof and bring down the house. …Because their aint no party like DD’s gangsta house parties!

For those of you unfamiliar with the sound of Digital Delight, we feel obliged to inform you that you are missing the fuck out! In a scene that has seen wave after wave of musical lethargy and sell-outs, these guys are charging and carving to the top. They are dedicated to innovation and development and I mean…you’re doing something right when you’ve invented your own genre. These guys truly love music and for that we truly love them.

Techno Tourist personal favorites:



The DD showcase was one of those glorious nights where the entire crowd was utterly hypnotized and completely remote-controlled from the DJ booth. In fact, 99.9 percent of the crowd was absorbed in the waves of flowing awesomeness emanating from the sound system (except this one girl absorbed in taking continuous spaghetti-face selfies on her iPhone all night). Other than that anecdotal annoyance, the night was chingóna, and were it not for such pesky concepts as time and reality, we’d still be getting down diggy diggy down diggy down down.

The rooftop at La Santenera was filled to spatial perfection (thanks Cocoon and Circoloco). This let lots of ecstatic dancers get low, get smooth groovin, and even get a fresh drink whenever their heart desired. You could stand, sit, lean, or dance (and we did all three). When people have options, they are happy. When they also have unbelievable music, they go wild. This was the party with the most laughter, the most fun, and the most interactions between different groups of people. The crowd dynamic was incredible and Digital Delight worked the vibe to perfection and deftly enhanced the already stereoactive atmosphere.

DD always delivers and their showcase was no exception. With the Cityfox beach party still fresh in our heads, stakes were high and we anticipated some badass beats. As we ascended the stairs, Diego Moreno was already delivering bassline after bassline with their telltale sound. And when Jesse Perez ended the night with some hard hitting hip-hop it culminated a perfect party.

Thanks DD, and a special thanks to BPM. Already booking for next year!!