Techno Tourist at The Center of The World

182335_539604489384155_1580238907_nTravel destinations often experience waves of popularity. Ten years on, five years off, twenty years on, fifteen years off. It seems to be an endless battle of marketing and successful sway over the tourist masses.

But there are few destinations that never fade from traveller’s minds, never have much need for massive PR campaigns, and that will always welcome countless new visitors regardless of time and age.

Istanbul is one of these places.  Ancient Greek city state, legendary capital of the Byzantine Empire, third capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the largest city of the Republic of Turkey: it needs not worry much about shifting sentiments. Tourists have come for thousands of years and will continue to visit until the end of tourism, or the end of the world. Let’s hope neither are imminent.

Apart from having a party history countable in millennia, Istanbul offers one of the most friendly, liberal, and easy-going attitudes of the Near East. Several high-powered labels have their base in and around Istanbul including Bosphorus Underground with its sister labels M-Vitamin and Rabies Records, Anatolian Beats, Teknikal, Jeton, Redukt, and No Smoking Records, to name a few…

Our event of choice was the Day Zero party at Wake Up Call, a small eccentric venue in Taksim, Istanbul’s most famous nightlife area. The mind-controllers of the night were none less than Richy Ahmed (Hot Creations, One Records) and Maxi Storrs (Dusty Eardrums). Clubbers decked out in tribal gear encircled the DJ booth and danced like the end of the world was coming—but it didn’t.

Should you ever find your way to Wake Up Call -and you should- we suggest you start off your night with their specialty shot baring the same name. Another piece of friendly advice is that you might want to hold off drinking it until it is no longer on fire. Then eat the lemon.

As a timeless and ancient metropolis, Istanbul offers world-class partying, shopping, architecture and accommodation. From the 5000 shops at the Grand Bazaar, to the spectacular Hagia Sophia, to the gorgeous villas overlooking the Golden Sea, you will love it. We sure did. Contact us to book your tailored trip today.