3 of TT’s top BPM Parties- 3:3

IMG_1088Playa del Culprit

Culprit vs Leftroom with Droog, Matt Tolfrey, Laura Jones, Gavin Herlihy, Jozif, Climbers

With a globetrotting norovirus infiltrating Playa, the start of 2013 may have tested the resilience of some.  Not to mention, 2 weeks of non-stop partying naturally (should) start to wear any person down. Though one might expect a deflating energy by the last couple days of the festival, it remains clear the BPM DJs and clubbers are absolutely unstoppable. And, The Techno Tourist is proud to join in the ranks of these comrades. We stayed on the front lines and did what we do best—attend parties and get hasta el choclo! Le Sigh, Mexico…

Thanks to Culprit (the LA-based record label) and Leftroom (England), we enjoyed perfectly themed music that accompanied us to said victory. The Culprit crew are already BPM veterans, with several years of playa Mexperience. Previous years have included high-profile label showcases and battles against other TT favorites like No.19 Music. This year we cannot but loudly applaud their choice of going head to head against Leftroom, for the Brit’s BPM debut.

The day started as atmospheric and chill, soothing everyone from the previous night’s blunder, and later built up into a spirited dance party. The music stayed spot on until the very end, way post-sunset. Which is more than we can say about ourselves. I’m still washing the sand out of my hair.

[youtube TbK89_lgjDM 560 315]

At TT we’re all suckers for day parties. There’s just something awesome about that giant plasma-spewing fusion ball in the sky that energizes us in a way that no nighttime light rig can. Add in some beach, some waves, a few palm trees and some Mexican summer breeze and we’re locked and loaded. Top it with the aforementioned line-up and boom! We’re going in.

Mamita’s Beach Club offers a great spot, carved right out of the ocean, which caters to all a clubber’s needs. There is plenty of standing room, dancing space, lounging chairs, lounging beds… with curtains… with bottle service. You get the idea. I mean, there are even hanging swings and couches. To top it off, the bathroom floors look like they’re made from mother of pearl (seriously what is that material?). When was the last time you walked into a club bathroom barefooted eating a cheeseburger? Buenísimo.

If you didn’t make it to Mamita’s this year, be absolutely sure you do so next BPM. The line-ups might not even be conceived of yet, but if they are anything like this year, you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for the continuation of TT’s top 3 BPM parties in upcoming weeks. Happy BPM memories! Hasta Leugo!