3 of TT’s Top BPM Parties- 2:3

Beachfox Beats

City Fox Showcase with Lee Jones, Mark Henning, Atish, Hoj, Dory, Mike Khoury Hosted By Listed (7 Jan, 2013)

photo credit: Douglas van Sant for TheBPMFestival.com
photo credit: Douglas van Sant for TheBPMFestival.com

We were already excited the moment we heard that the remarkably awesome people of Listed Production (San Francisco) were teaming up with the talented Cityfox (Zurich) pack and throwing a beach party at BPM this year. The line-up only served to further fuel our expectations, with Mark Henning and Lee Jones from Cityfox, and Hoj, Dory, Mike Khoury and Atish from Listed. We were puestísimos–more than ready.

Anyone familiar with the Robot Heart crew will instantly recognize several of these artists as authors of the continuous stream of wicked sets raining out of their Soundcloud account. And should you still be unaware, we just handed you the hint of the century for where to soak yourself with hours of musical ecstasy.

Both the Listed and Cityfox crews spin the exact music we love. And to our delight the jams arrangement of the day perfectly matched the weather: Full of heat with a temperate touch of cool charged breeze. This kept the party flowing with a smooth and groovy summertime energy that pulsated with the vibe of good times (in January mind you). Viva Mexico!

Day parties at BPM are poca madre. Roll out of bed… aka carry on from the night before, fill up on a sizzling fajita pollo at El Fogón (tripadvisor link below), flip flop over to Mamita’s beach club and lounge in the sunshine sipping cerveza while contemplating how your life managed to become so amazing.

Monday at Mamita’s Beach Club particularly set the mood for un día perfecto. And, Atish’s set was tropical tryptamine.  Imagine the feeling of ditching your onerous office tasks for an afternoon of relaxation, daydreaming, floating on a raft, rolling over waves…

Life is fun under the sun in Playa del Carmen. It feels like you’re in some kind of slow motion montage sequence in a feel-good motion picture that features none other than you. And your saucy dance moves. The beats in this showcase were head bobbin’, foot tappin’, and finger snappin’. Feeling swanky smooth. Just in case these adjectives only mean something to us – Check out this set:

[soundcloud id=’75190587′ color=’#ff7700′]


Link to El Fogón tripadvisor review:


Enjoy! And, stay tuned for our next review!