TT in London – Hypercolour Showcase

The Techno Tourist checks inventory at the Sidings Warehouse, London.


DSC01697     There should be little need to praise the London electronic music scene—in particular, obviously awesome events like a full cast Hypercolour showcase on home turf. Imagine techno super villain Maya Jane Coles, in a raw London warehouse setting featuring a crew of Hypercolour henchmen including  Ste Roberts, Dense & Pika, Bareskin and Cedric Maison. Actually, no need to imagine. It happened.


London house and techno events each week count well up in the hundreds. The scene is not only host to extensive amounts of international talent, but also the source of consistent waves of superb artists.


Hypercolour’s venue of choice is located under five of London’s iconic railroad arches. For those of you unfamiliar with the London city design, these arches constitute the monomers of gigantic city spanning viaducts. These viaducts carry railroad lines about two stories above ground level (pretty awesome), in a vast network across the enormous metropolitan area. Clever as they are, Londoners have found a multitude of innovative uses for these neat brick enclosures ever since their introduction more than 150 years ago (again, awesome).

One of the more recent utilizations and quite coincidentally one of our favorites: Walling off both ends of these arches, drilling holes between them, and filling them with bars, big screen projectors, light rigs and piles of Function One speakers in order to run kW’s of power through them. To a beat—visit suggested.

Lest you be already informed, Londoners know how to party. And should one be so inclined, there is no non-monetary and/or hygienic force hindering a continuous clubbing existence in London. But if you prefer the occasional shower, breakfast and a good old bed, you might be interested in one of London’s 10^5 hotel rooms.

Unsurprisingly, Maya delivered another one of her trademark acoustic spectacles. Between her and preceding seismogenerator Ste Roberts, we honestly couldn’t tell whether the railroad was running or not.


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