ParadIceland – A Techno Tourist Review of Iceland

If you hadn’t already put Iceland on your “To-go-list”, do it now, and place it high.

The Techno Tourist recently went on a one-week Iceland adventure, and we could not possibly give any higher recommendations. Not only can Iceland offer you the natural adventure of a lifetime, Icelanders will also take any opportunity to party like Ragnarok is coming.

Our weeklong adventure started in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, a city of roughly 200,000 highly educated, art-loving, fully modernized icy Viking descendants. We flew into Keflavik international Airport, about 30 minutes outside Reykjavik, from JFK in NYC after a pleasant five-hour flight with Icelandair. A relatively low cost trans-Atlantic airline, and formerly known as the “hippie link” between the continents, Icelandair operates in a rather interesting way: Flights from all over Europe and North America converge at Keflavik around the same time every day; passengers then re-board onto another plane to their final destination after about an hour-long layover, thus making connections between otherwise uneconomical destinations in Europe and North America possible. The kicker, however, is that Icelandair allows you to make that layover up to one week long, with no extra cost. We jumped on that opportunity, and believe me, so should you.

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