The BPM Festival 2018 Portugal – Improved and Refined

While traveling to Faro, Portugal last year, our conversations and thoughts were filled with speculation and intrigue. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, we know the “lay of the land” so to say, and were excited to see how The BPM Festival would re-create the magical experience that we all knew and love. The primary question wasn’t if BPM would deliver, but how? As our aircraft touched down in 2018, we had a baseline (bassline :)) for our expectations, and were curious as to how the festival would expand upon the previous year’s experience. Exiting the Faro terminal, we quickly learned there was an ongoing taxi strike in the region. Thankfully, for us and many other festival attendees, the Algarve region of Portugal is Uber friendly, and rides are extremely affordable. Our driver was hospitable enough to provide an iPad, with SoundCloud and a LTE connection for the journey to Portimao. Speaking with various drivers throughout the festival, we came to learn that many of them were from the surrounding areas. Recognizing the opportunity, due to the taxi strike, these drivers were staying in Portimao specifically for The BPM Festival. Combined with the shuttle buses that BPM provided throughout the event, transportation in and around Portimao was seamless, and unaffected by the strike. Having survived the previous year, we were aware of the […]

BPM 2018 Portugal – It’s Almost Time

The BPM Festival: Portugal September 20-23, 2018 Portimão & Lagoa, Portugal Bags are packed, camera is ready and we’re headed off on our annual Eurotrip. This year – based around The BPM Festival – Portugal. After the success of last year’s festival, we couldn’t help, and succumbed to BPM fever. Even with the extra connecting flight, it was a no-brainer. BPM 2018 Portugal, here we come! This year was filled with travel and excitement, but we’re always happy to come home to BPM. For almost a decade now, this festival has been a cornerstone of Techno Tourist. Tripping across the Atlantic last year was a blast, and with BPM’s track record of innovation year after year, we’re excited to see what the festival has cooked up over the last 12 months! The final lineup (below) was released today, and we’re more eager than ever to sink our feet into the sand at Blanco Beach/NoSoloAgua, and enjoy some delicious, and cheap, Portuguese wine. Tickets are still available at: Final line-up (over 150 artists) has been released: (click image for full size) See you on the dancefloor. #tripwithus

The BPM Festival Portugal – Trip With Us Across The Atlantic

For as long as we’ve been attending The BPM Festival, like clockwork each January would roll around and rumors would begin to surface about the “new” location of BPM in the subsequent year. From semi-believable, to downright laughable, it was always fun debating with friends, and mentally planning a journey we knew was never going to take place. Finally, in 2017, the rampant speculation came to an end. We learned (from the festival itself) – it’s actually happening! In September, The BPM Festival would produce it’s second 2017 installment, in Portimão and Lagoa, Portugal. As evidenced by history though, recreating an environment and vibe is no mundane task. Successfully expanding The BPM Festival isn’t as simple as throwing up a few stages in a parking lot – BPM customers expect more. We never had doubts that BPM would deliver, but our interest was in how they would do so. This question was partially answered before we even touched down in Faro, Portugal – en route to the festival. Maneuvering into position for landing, our plane provided us with a quick aerial tour of the area surrounding what we would call home for the next week. Picturesque cliffs overlooking pristine water and exquisite properties dotting the coast aren’t the perfect recipe for a successful festival, but from the air it was easy to […]

The BPM Festival Portugal – 2017 Preview

Techno Tourists who have been following us for years may remember our 2014 BPM review – aptly titled “Location, Location, Location”. If you’re a new reader, or simply need a refresh – the review can be found here. Although those words were written over three years ago, specifically about The BPM Festival in Playa, our expectation is that the same themes will be successfully extrapolated across the Atlantic, and create an unforgettable experience for attendees of The BPM Festival Portugal. Instead of burying our feet in the sand of the Yucatan Peninsula, as we dance from sunset to sunrise, the beaches we frolic on will be those of the Iberian Peninsula. Learning about Mayan history and the Mayan culture while attending The BPM Festival in Playa over the years has been fascinating, but there’s absolutely no shortage of equally alluring history to consume, or sites of historical importance to visit in the Algarve region of Portugal. The land surrounding the festival location of The BPM Festival Portugal was once part of the Roman Empire, a hotbed for the launch of various naval expeditions over centuries and even holds some of the secrets of the Knights Templar. Revisiting the themes of our 2014 review, and how they should flawlessly transfer to The BPM Festival 2017, in Portimao and Lagoa in Portugal. Location: The […]

BPM 2017 – Full Lineup and Showcases

BPM 2017 is less than two weeks away, the full lineup and showcases have been announced. We’re more excited than ever to be headed down to Playa, and hope that you are too. And don’t forget, The BPM Festival documentary: Dancing In Paradise will have it’s world premier screening during the festival. #tripwithus